Music, baby. Music.

Okay, for those of you who aren’t aware I have a new book coming out soon called, drum roll please… The Heart Pounding, Blood Racing, Chest Aching, Stomach Throbbing, Skin Warming, Toe Curling, Nail Biting Performance Of…Callum & Harper or Callum & Harper for short. I’ve been posting quotes from the book the past two weeks […]

YA Indie Carnival Q&A Giveaway!

Yaaay! No! Double Yaaay! Such a fun, fun, fun blog this week for the carnival. Okay, so here’s the deal chickadees! Everyone in the carnival asked another on the rotation five questions. I got the talented, the magnanimous, the brilliant, the ultra clever, the gifted Laura Elliott! My very good friend put up with my silly […]