The Glassheart Chronicles

This week’s Young Adult Indie Carnival assignment required us to put up the first paragraph of a piece we were currently working on. Originally, my plan was to put the first chapter of my newest book, Callum & Harper up for this week’s Indie Carnival but working it out and preparing it for publication on […]

This Will Fall Upon Deaf Ears

Tonight, I got the most terrible review…almost made me puke, it was just so ridiculous. I whimpered a little bit but as I’ve got pretty thick skin, I brought myself back to my normal, somewhat cheery self with a quote, ironically, “from a singularly unexpected source”. Ratatouille. “In many ways, the work of a critic […]

‘Pip & Tibbit’

I was snooping around my old files lately and stumbled upon a children’s story I wrote many, many years ago. I never bothered trying to get it published as so many people told me one or more of the following:  a) That I was wrong for the industry b) That children wouldn’t understand it c) […]

Third Time’s the Charm!

Welcome to Clown Alley, ladies and gentlefolk! This week’s topic? Three Indies we are currently reading! Okay, so I read approximately two to three books a week and the majority of them are Indies. As I’ve said before, I’m a firm believer in Indies. Don’t believe me? Here, check this out. “Jane, Get Me Off […]

The Glassheart Chronicles!

In the style of Will Ferrell, “I’m singing! I’m on my blog and I’m singing! I’m on my blog and I’m siinngginnggg!“ So, instead of spending my time wisely and writing a bunch of words for you to read. I decided to waste time and create these: Duh, duh, duhduhhhhh! The Glassheart Chronicles Dance Troupe! […]