A letter to my low score givers. Eavesdrop, if you’d like.

Last week, I wrote a rant-like post about how, essentially, I felt that a reviewer who gave me a low score on my novel without actually reading the darn thing was, let’s just say, lacking in good judgement on their part.

Today, I’d like to write to those reviewers who gave me a low score but read the entire novel.

To you I’d like to say,

Thank you.

And no, that wasn’t a sarcastic thank you. That was a genuine, thank-you-for-being-honest-with-me, thank you. You make me a better writer. You had the guts to be honest with me and point out my mistakes and I love you for that because your suggestions don’t go unnoticed. I promise to take your criticisms and implement them into my next novel. Because, if I wasn’t always striving to do a better job, what’ s the point, right?

In fact, I love your honesty so much, I actually feel like asking you to be beta readers. I want people to love my work and I’m pretty certain you’re the type of people who would help shape whatever I’m working on in such a way that it’d appeal to the masses. They are who I want to appeal to.

I may have written a book but that certainly doesn’t make me an expert on all things writing. Please, I’m rubbish at grammar. (Which many of you so deftly pointed out. LOL!) ┬áBut because of you, I will always strive to put out better work. I love being challenged and I cannot wait to improve. I want people to love what I write as much as I do.

So, to the reviewers who gave me low scores. Kudos. Kudos and again, thank you for being bad ass enough to tell it like it is.


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