Courtney Cole’s ‘Fated’

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! Courtney Cole’s second book of  The Bloodstone Saga: Fated has arrived ladies and gentlemen! For those of you unfamiliar with miss Cole, I must say, shameful! Get to know her work! So, yes. Courtney Cole’s Fated, the sequel to Every Last Kiss, was released June 23rd and she has graciously agreed […]

The Glassheart Chronicles

Okay, so I have been dying to tell you about my newest book involvement. I, along with many other incredibly talented writers I have the pleasure of associating with, have put together an anthology of short stories. These aren’t just your everyday short stories though. No, these are spin offs of secondary characters from one of our […]

M. Leighton’s ‘Madly’

I just wanted to post a quick little blog about M.Leighton’s new novelette Madly. It’s a short read, an introduction really to what I anticipate will be a phenomenal beginning to a fantastic series. (Please let this be the intro to a fantastic series, M. Leighton). Oh, did I mention? IT’S FREE! So, you’ve no […]

Courtney Cole’s ‘Princess’

Princess was a purchase bought ‘sight unseen’ so to speak, didn’t read a synopsis or even a review because I’m familiar with the author’s work enough to feel confident in what I was buying and boy, oh boy, did I end up loving this book. It was nothing like I expected it to be, the cover […]

Wren Emerson’s ‘I Wish’

So, apparently Wren Emerson is like, the funniest person on the planet. I can’t tell you how many times I was reading this novel and had to laugh out loud, complete with snorts and everthing, garnering bewildered looks from strangers and my husband alike , both shaking their heads at what was an apparent raving […]

Tiffany King’s ‘Meant To Be’

When I first began to read, ‘Meant To Be’, immediately, thoughts of how ingenious the plot was came to mind. Yeah, you don’t necessarily get to know what they truly are right away, she reveals tidbits here and there and you begin to piece together throughout but it adds suspense! Setting it up for a […]