Tiffany King’s ‘Meant To Be’

When I first began to read, ‘Meant To Be’, immediately, thoughts of how ingenious the plot was came to mind. Yeah, you don’t necessarily get to know what they truly are right away, she reveals tidbits here and there and you begin to piece together throughout but it adds suspense! Setting it up for a second, third and even fourth novel easily. Something, I think, serial readers will appreciate. The story built to interesting heights and I was constantly guessing at the author’s next move as her plot was unpredictable and interesting.

As a body of work, ‘Meant To Be’ is original, well written, and incredibly unique. There’s nothing like it anywhere out there and as you probably well know, this sets miss King’s book apart in an already saturated paranormal market but what makes this sweet novel truly different from so many in her genre is, yes, the style of writing but especially the way she builds her characters.

They scream innocence which is undeniably refreshing and exceptionally rare but I don’t wish for you to misconstrue my meaning. These characters are in no way stuffy or prudish. They experience real love, real passion, real feelings and have genuine reactions to the one’s they love. There was never a question whether or not they were inherently male or female and their passionate kisses left butterflies in my stomach. Have no doubt that this is a true romance but know that it is a romance with class and a smidgen of ‘Grace Kelly’ like, well, grace.

I would recommend this novel to any young woman and I could recommend it with a clear conscious and that my friends, is an incredible thing.


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