Courtney Cole’s ‘Fated’

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!

Courtney Cole’s second book of  The Bloodstone Saga: Fated has arrived ladies and gentlemen! For those of you unfamiliar with miss Cole, I must say, shameful! Get to know her work!

So, yes. Courtney Cole’s Fated, the sequel to Every Last Kiss, was released June 23rd and she has graciously agreed to an interview with yours truly.

Now, you’re asking yourself, what does this mean for Fisher as she is obviously an extremely important person now? I’ll tell you folks. It means that I’ve moved up into the big leagues, that I no longer fetch the metaphorical coffee, that I am not held liable for things that I say because I can use the excuse that I’m a ‘kitschy-eccentric author’. That’s right. So, without further ado, my ridiculous interview answered by a very tolerant and extremely talented Courtney Cole.

Let’s get formalities out of the way, shall we? Tell us a little about yourself, Courtney Cole. Tacos or enchiladas? Do you cry during cheesy commercials? Which do you put on first, socks or pants? You know, the important stuff.

Hi Fisher– let’s definitely get the important stuff out of the way first, for sure.  I prefer enchiladas… the spicier the better.   No, I don’t cry during cheesy commercials, but I do cry during sad movies or books. I watched My Sister’s Keeper awhile back and cried like a baby. Do some people put their socks on before their pants?  That’s weird…

Your newest book Fated, the a-hu-maaazing sequel to Every Last Kiss released June 23rd…*record screeches to a halt* Wait, what? It did? Well, phooey! How come I’m always the last to know? Be right back…Okay, it’s purchased. Whew…Tell us what Fated is all about.

Fated continues on Macy Lockhart’s story from Every Last Kiss.  She’s been a Keeper of Fate for thousands of years.  But in Fated, she learns that all is not what it seems and she’s more important than she ever imagined.

The Bloodstone Saga is ingenious in that it breaks free from the young adult paranormal mold. How in the world did you come up with the unique conception?

Well, thank you.  I like to think I’m ingenious sometimes, but my husband just rolls his eyes at me.  The idea… One day I was letting my mind wander as I frequently do and I started thinking about historical figures who might change their fate given the chance, then I started thinking about how such changes would affect history as we know it… and my wheels started feverishly turning and Every Last Kiss was born.

In Every Last Kiss, Macy Lockhart’s role as a Keeper for the Order of the Moirae is chock full of conflict and heartbreak but you allude to the fact that there is much more to her role than just a Keeper. Is it safe to say that Fated will reveal a deeper look into Macy’s role? And will we find out if she gets to share a real future with her soul mate?

You’re going to learn a LOT more about Macy and some of it (um, all of it probably) will surprise you.  It certainly suprised HER.  Um… you will see more of the future that she has in store with her soul mate.  But a definitive resolution?  Riiiight.  This is only Book Two.  :)

Is there anything you want us readers to know about your newest novel?

It’s very different from book one. Every Last Kiss was sadder, a little heavier.  Fated has more action and there’s a lot more at stake here.  It’s like… Macy is standing on the edge of something epic… and then she just jumps into it.

If you could choose one song to represent Fated, which song would you choose?

Oh, yikes.  This one is hard.  I don’t know.   If you had asked me about Every Last Kiss, that would be easy.  As I was writing ELK, I heard the song Last Kiss by Taylor Swift and the mood of that song was perfect (and I couldn’t believe how close the name was to my title, too!), so I listened to it a lot when I was making plot notes just to put me into the right frame of mind.  I never really had a song jump out at me like that for Fated.

What is the one thing you have to have while writing?

Quiet.  I can’t listen to music or the TV- I’m too distractable. (Oooh- look! Something shiny!)

If you could have one famous author, dead or alive, for lunch who would you ask and why? And what would you serve? Tell me there will be frozen bellini’s because, well, they’re just classy.

Fisher, you totally crack me up.  We can absolutely have bellini’s.  I adore peaches, particularly in frozen alcoholic beverages.   I would probably choose Mitch Albom.  I love him.  He’s amazing- everything he touches is magic.  (Mitch, if you’re reading this- call me.  I’d totally drive up to Detroit to lunch with you…and we can have bellini’s.)

For all those aspiring writers out there and for those curious, talk a little about any criticism you’ve received, if you have, and let us know about the best compliment you’ve ever gotten. How did they help in your writing?

Criticisms… Hmm.  Well, It was pointed out to me that I use the ellipsis too much.  And I do.  See?  I actually used it at the beginning of my answer.  :)  I try to watch that- but it’s hard for me because I write how I speak.  And my good friend, Wren Emerson keeps an eagle eye out for the word “Literally” in my writing because I use that way too much, too.  I think everyone has their little writing ‘tics” and you just have to be aware and watch for them.  Compliments?  Honestly, I think all compliments are awesome.  Every single one of them makes me smile and brightens my day.

Hypothetical. If Charmian and Gavin ran across one another in, say, a bar. Who would win the fight? And who would you root for?

Why would Charmian and Gavin be fighting?  Like an actual fist fight?  That would never happen.  Gavin would never hit a girl, even a girl as feisty as Charmian.   A verbal-sparring match?  The winner would be Macy, I mean, Charmian.  Probably. The girl is witty.

And this is where I realized I messed up my previous question. For some reason, I interchanged the name Charmian with Hasani. I asked the question, again but this time correctly.

Courtney, I’m an idiot.  Hypothetical. If Hasani and Gavin ran across one another in, say, a bar. Who would win the fight? And who would you root for?

This is such a strange situation, because they are the same person.  But I think that Hasani would totally win, because he’s a trained warrior. Gavin hasn’t had to be, so he’d be disadvantaged. I think I’d just be rooting that Hasani wouldn’t hurt Gavin too much!  He’s too beautiful to be bloody.

Lightning Round:

Pants or skirts? Skirts. I love sundresses- they’re so feminine.
Sun or Moon? Moon. It’s so romantic.  Although I do love the sun on the beach.  But I like the moon on the beach better…
Snow or Waves? Waves.  WAVES!  Any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I HATE the cold.
Sweet or Salty? Depends. Unless I’m on a road trip. In that case, I must have shelled sunflower seeds.
A Wedding or An Elopement? Oh, please.  I’m a little.. um, dramatic.  A big wedding with a million people and a Cinderella dress.
Mac or PC? Mac
Steak or Chicken? Or Veggie? Steak and veggies.  Come on, girl.  I’m a corn-fed Kansas girl.  You know I like my steak.  I have it at least once a week.  That causes high cholesterol?  Um.  That’s just a myth.  Right?
Cats or Dogs? Dogs.  Although I do have both.


*Does a little dance and sings ‘The Right Stuff’*

Awesome interview! Thank you so much Courtney!

But wait, there’s more!

Courtney is participating in an author’s blog tour but she’s shaking things up a bit. Each blogger is asking Courtney a sort of bonus question but we will not be revealing her answer.

This is how the game is played: You, the reader, answer the question in a comment, on this very interview, as you see Courtney answering. This automatically enters you for a chance to win a prize pack worth writing home about. We’ll reveal the answer to the question at the end of the tour along with the winner’s name! Good luck!

Courtney’s secretly answered question: Courtney Cole is of supermodel height. Yeah mama! How tall, exactly, is Courtney Cole?

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7 thoughts on “Courtney Cole’s ‘Fated’

  1. Supermodel height – how about 6′ 2″? Certainly not my 5′ 5″

  2. Fisher, you are so incredibly awesome. Thank you so much for having me here today. And have I told you that I love your blog? I do. It’s awesome, too. :)

  3. Ummm….how tall is Courtney? 5’10″……..5’11″? No. 5’10″. Yes, that is my final answer….5’10″.

  4. Wait I’m kinda confused! Was the question to be entered into the giveaway about height? Is there another way to enter or is the person who guessed right only going to be entered?

    I enjoyed the Q&A very entertaining

    • Nope it was just our exciting way of getting you to enter! : ) Regardless of whether you got the question correct, you are officially entered for the prize pack Kristina! Yaaay! *does a little jig* All you have to do is comment.

  5. Man! I was debating between 5’10″ and 5’11″, but I see it’s 5’10″! Jealous.. I’m only 5’1″ :( lol

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