Margaret Sarah Bechtel’s ‘In The Land Of Winter’

Margaret Sarah Bechtel’s In The Land Of Winter is one of those novels that immediately cast a biting, eerie chill up my skin, making me shudder, though I wasn’t cold.  Her cover, dramatic and mesmerizing, much like her writing style, drew me in from the first. It packed such an impact, I could almost hear the wind whistling through my ears and waves crashing against rock, hypnotized by the beacon of light emitting from its light house. That’s also how I found miss Bechtel’s main character, Kate, to be. She was a lighthouse. One that possessed a hypnotizing beacon of light but her lenses were cracked and there was no one to guide home her saving ship.

Kate suffers a shocking and, frankly, debilitating event as a young girl. She is shunned by her family and forced to enter the world alone and very broken. When she is offered a chance to leave her grim life and past decisions, she takes it, hoping it will be her chance to start over but it seems Kate can never stray too far from agony. As her plane plummets toward the ocean below, she anticipates a peace she could never achieve while she was alive but life seems to have different plans for Kate as she discovers that her world is about to collide with even more earth-shattering, mind-altering experiences that could threaten to send Kate beyond redemption.

There are times throughout this book that leave you wondering whether Kate will receive the peace she’s forever been searching for and undoubtedly deserves regardless of her past decisions. You find her heart beats steadily throughout and never falters despite her suffering in self-deprecation and a literal land of winter but Kate never annoys. She is endearing and lovely and one with whom you want a happily ever after for.  I will admit miss Bechtel makes her readers endure Kate’s grief along with her but this makes Kate’s delivery from torment all the sweeter and I, for one, like to know what I’m truly grateful for.

I loved the book and will be recommending it to everyone I know. So, this is me, telling you, to go get it already.

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