YA Indie Carnival…Dream Cast!

So sorry the blog got to you late today. I’m knee deep in editing the very novel I’m dream casting today! This is such a nice break though. Sort of fuels me for more work later!

Okay, so here we go! The dream cast of The Heart Pounding, Blood Racing, Chest Aching, Stomach Throbbing, Skin Warming, Toe Curling, Nail Biting Performance Of…Callum & Harper! Or, Callum & Harper for short.

We’ll start with Callum. I couldn’t really find a great fit but I found a decent one in Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants. I know, what an unlikely source for someone who barely knows what a baseball looks like. LOL! Tim is freaking adorable and reminds me so much of Callum in this picture. Goofy, hot, just, so cute. This would be Callum at the beginning of the book as his hair is rather short here.

“The scales were tipping fast and furious in that direction and I was slightly alarmed at how comfortable I was at the rapid descent. Falling for Harper felt like the most natural thing in the world and, God help me, I liked it. Damn the consequences.” – Callum Tate

I found Harper in Emma Stone, elegant, beautiful yet mischievous and funny all at the same time…and don’t forget the copper hair.

“The moonlight fell across her gold strands, looking for all the world like copper threads. I half expected them to sing in clinking charms every time her head moved. I hugged her closely to me, hoping to squeeze the bad memories from her life. I’d have absorbed them from her, if I could. Just take them and endure the obvious ache they caused her.” – Callum Tate

Cherry was much harder so I’ve opted for an unknown just so you can get an idea of what I think when I think Cherry Bomb’s hair.

‎”That was what made me think she looked exactly like a cherry bomb. Beautiful to look at but there was something alarming there as well, like a fire was nearing the end of her wick. Her eyes make me feel like if she exploded any where near me I couldn’t help but be a very willing casualty.” – Charlie James

And speaking of Charlie James. I choose Simon Woods….British (they have that in common), rockin’, totally too cool for school and crazy in love with miss Cherry Bomb herself.

The infamous Sam played by Ashley Benson. Charlie’s ex, troublemaker, but deep down a nice girl who just can’t figure it out. Oh yeah, did I mention she thinks she’s in love with Callum?

“You and I both know that her ‘simple’ looks are a little more complex than you’re implying. In fact,” I said, turning and walking back to Sam, to drive the point home, “I’d go so far as to say she’s the most complex girl I’ve ever come across and that includes even the most illustrious version of you, Sam.” - Callum Tate

A little preview to the tracks of Callum & Harper.

I have an entire buffet of  secondary characters but it’d take me all afternoon. :) You’ll just have to use your imagination…which is so much better anyway, right?

Alright, catch you on the flip side, honey!



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  1. Fisher, as always your post is as fabulous as you are!! Love it! I CANNOT wait to get my hands on this book, woman!! Eeeep!

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