A bit of news..

Just a quick head’s up! Some of you were inquiring about Thomas & January on Barnes & Noble. Well, it’s back up!! So, enjoy!

Thomas & January on Barnes & Noble

Also, although it wasn’t an easy decision to make, I’ve removed The Understorey from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I have no immediate plans on continuing the series and I’d rather not torture any new readers with it. Also, it’s not very good, LOL, so I’d rather not lose readers either. So, as a tribute to it’s being gone, here is the trailer. Goodbye, Elliott and Jules…for now. ;)

3 thoughts on “A bit of news..

  1. I loved The Leaving Series!! I’ve been in agony the past 2 years waiting for the second book to come out!
    I loved Callum and Harper also, even more than The Understorey. But I would really love for a second one to come out.
    Please consider at least finishing the series in a second book! PLEASE!

  2. So sad about The Leaving Series! That’s the first book of yours that I read, which got me hooked on your others. I hope you decide to revisit and write another in the series.

  3. You’re too late! This new reader found The Understorey on Smashwords and is half way through it. Definitely disappointed that there won’t be any more to the series in the foreseeable future :(

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