The Big Announcement!

Two things. First, I’ll start off with the one I think you’ll like best, the one that almost every reviewer has touched on.

Surprise Number One! I’ve gotten several reviews that ┬áhave suggested that VAIN’s cover is too PNR. So, long story short, I’m changing it and will reveal it January 14th along with my second surprise if it’s accomplished.

On to Surprise Number Two! If VAIN on Amazon can get 200 honest reviews by Sunday at midnight, you, my readers, will be able to choose a VAIN scene of your choice in Ian’s perspective to be published right here on my blog Monday morning. We’ll take suggestions tonight at 5pm central on my Facebook Fan Page tonight! I’ll narrow it down to three scenes then we’ll take a poll!

Here’s what you have to do, visit me tonight on Facebook at 5pm central, take part in the scene suggestion discussion, answer the poll right after the discussion then visit Amazon, if you haven’t already, and give an honest review! (Yes, you can leave a review on Amazon regardless where you purchased it.) Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy!


UPDATE: The shower scene from Ian’s P.O.V. will be featured Monday along with the new cover on the blog!


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8 thoughts on “The Big Announcement!

  1. Really? People complained that it was too PNR? I personally love it. Love starry night background with the baobab trees. It totally gives me the feeling of what nights would be like in Uganda. Guess I really didn’t think about it too much when I saw it because I never got the PNR vibe. Also, I like how your covers are different from what all the other new adult covers look like.

  2. Thank you, Debbie. That’s what my designer and I thought but it’s overwhelming how many say they almost skipped the book because of it. So,we’re changing it. LOL!

  3. i just wanted to give you praise for “vain”. i love the simplicity and straightforwardness of your writing style. thank you for not “over describing” objects such as houses, cars and trees so much so that in my mind it no longer looks like a house,car or tree. i love conversation between characters and i’m glad you put so much of that into the book. i believe you have found a lifelong fan ms. amelie. keep up the good work and i can’ t wait for what is next.


  4. Hi!
    I was wondering if the text was also updated with the cover? I remembered there used to be a note in the description? something about some chapters needing revision?
    Thanks for your help!

  5. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOOOOOOVED Vain. I thought it was so amazing, and I am still stuck in that world. I cannot even begin another book from my book hangover.

    Anycase, I was wondering when the Ian POV of the shower scene was gonna come out? And if it is out, where can I find it?

    Happy writing!

  6. I love Vain, read it a couple of times, and will probably read it again soon. But, I would really like to read the shower scene from Ian’s POV. Where can I find it? Or, has it not been posted, yet?

  7. Where is the Ian POV? Was there not enough reviews by the required time?

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