YA Indie Carnival…Bustin’ Blocks, Baby. (Alliteration. Gotta’ love it.)

For many authors, writer’s block is a common occurrence and I am no different, no matter how well I’ve plotted my novels. So, what do you do? Give up? Throw in the towel? Cry to your mama? Wail about how it’s all done? Nothing can save you now? How you’re a pathetic joke?

No! Never!

You pick yourself up, baby. You dust yourself off! Gather your metaphorical pencil! You sit your arse down at your computer, steady your hands over the keys…

Type www.youtube.com and search Kid History. Well, that’s what I do…Kind of.

Really, I do whatever it takes to feel motivated again. Most writer’s blocks come from burn out or a bad review but whatever the reason, it’s easy to get back in there. Try reading an incredible book, watching a great film, listening to an unbelievable song. Get the imagination flowing from a simple leap of passion. Make your heart beat a little stronger by letting an outside source motivate you.

Key word? You. Motivation is personal. Nobody is motivated the same way. Which means it’s up to you to shove that big, ugly cement block out of the way and power through. Find it, baby, and own it.

Here’s my motivational muse. Borrow it, if you wish. Fisher’s Master List

3 thoughts on “YA Indie Carnival…Bustin’ Blocks, Baby. (Alliteration. Gotta’ love it.)

  1. For some reason, reading outside my genre really recharges my writing battery. I don’t know why. But I’ll take what I can get. :)

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