YA Indie Carnival….Halloween, baby. Halloween.

Okay, so today’s YA Indie Carnival topic is ‘Your favorite Halloween memory’. Okay, so my life as a child was picture perfect. Seriously, you can’t believe how many times we sat at our kitchen table with mom in an apron serving pork chops and applesauce. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but I really did have a wonderful childhood, save for the occasional comment from my brothers or sisters that I was ‘too weird to be a part of them’, followed by the immediate question, ‘Were you adopted?’ Then my dad would smack said sibling over the head and pat my own, assuring me that, though I was definitely weird, I was ‘their weirdo’. Ah, acceptance. LOL!

Wow, I just got majorly sidetracked. Moving on. Anyway, I brought up that picture-perfect idea of us because I wanted to brace you for the years and years and years of Halloweens where me’ ma’ would make our costumes like she wasn’t the mother of six kids. I’m not kidding, one year I was stuffed in a black spray painted box with a top hat and a large foil circle lens and paraded myself around as a Kodak camera, did a little tap dance for my neighbors and everything. Another year, ma dressed us all up as different kinds of fruits and we were a giant fruit salad in a wagon ‘bowl’. My brother was a bunch of grapes, courtesy of purple baloons and a paper sack stem…by the end of the night he was ‘devoured’ by the neighbor’s shrubs, leaving a measly four grapes. Poor kid.

Then there was the time my mom spent weeks painting large poster boards to look like a deck of cards. She connected them with string  and draped them over our shoulders like an ancient ‘Eat at Joe’s’ human advert. I swear, we looked like the red queen’s guards with all the tripping and sliding over each other as we marched up and down the sidewalk in our imperfect line.

But my favorite Halloween was the year I went to my best friend Hayley’s junior high party. Her mother was one of those amazing, intelligent, funny ladies that had a kick ace sense of style and was so much fun she was practically part of our group, save for the fact that she was obviously the ‘adult’ and wouldn’t let us do anything that could be described as ‘too much fun’. My mother had this awesome red plaid A-line from the freaking seventies with black velvet on the sleeves and sides. The sleeves ran all the way to my wrists. I loved it. I was, like, thirteen but it fit. Yeah, my dad got the biggest kick out of that. Let me explain, I’m five foot eight and my mom is five foot three. She couldn’t believe it. Anyway, my mom sewed a wire hanger hoop into the hem of the skirt, giving it a fantastic ‘Old South’ look, then topped my dark ringlets with a massive grey felt hat (from the same era). She tied a large ribbon over the hat, finishing off with a large bow under my chin. A make-shift bonnet.


After a few, ‘I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies’ and ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’s', I was chauffeured in our silver van/horse drawn carriage to Hayley’s house where I proceeded to have the best dang time ever. Hayley’s mom, Karen, transformed her amazing backyard garden into an elaborate carnival complete with fortune reader and a bobbing for apples station. By the way, according to Madame Karen, I would become a flight attendant, travel the world, seeing all the sights, then just as I grew weary of jet-setting, I’d meet my husband in first class. We’d marry and live in a mansion off Martha’s Vineyard and have lots of babies. Not quite what happened but close, kind of, not really. She was a fabulous mom but a terrible psychic…I remember lights everywhere and amazing costumes, including a giant paper mache’ Frankenstein donned by none other than the ornery Tim, fellow classmate and class clown. We ate chili dogs and drank soda and laughed until very late at night…a scandalous MIDNIGHT. Gasp! A few times I’d felt compelled to lean on whomever was near and complain of ‘the vapors’ but righted myself soon enough.

It was a lovely night. A lovely time was had by all and it was my very favorite Halloween.

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One thought on “YA Indie Carnival….Halloween, baby. Halloween.

  1. OMG! I am so there. I loved reading this, Fisher. Loved! You are so fun. I think you should put that in a book:) My mom made my costumes too and I made my kids costumes. They are such magic when they all come together. I remember going into the sewing store and looking at patterns. But lots of times they were just cobbled together! Good time:) Can’t wait for Savannah:)

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