Amy Maurer Jones was kind enough to allow me to host her on my blog today. Her latest, Wildflower, releases June 1st and I, for one, cannot wait until the release. The cover. It’s the cover, right? Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait. Synopsis Wildflower pulled out a quill. It looked like any ordinary quill. Only, […]

YA Indie Carnival…Recipe For Fiction Pie

Today’s YA Indie Carnival includes a recipe for Fiction Pie. Today, you will receive the components I use to assemble my novels. Be prepared. I don’t skimp. I only use the highest quality ingredients and maybe a few unconventional elements as well. Let’s get started. Aprons! Aprons, everyone! Alright, we’re going to start out by […]

Welcome To Our YA Indie Carnival!

Welcome to our Friday posts about all things YA Indie for authors, readers and reviewers! We are a group of YA Indies that all post on the same theme each Friday. Binge on all the cotton candy and popcorn you want and get set for a thrilling ride! At today’s carnival we want to know […]