YA Indie Carnival…Recipe For Fiction Pie

Today’s YA Indie Carnival includes a recipe for Fiction Pie.

Today, you will receive the components I use to assemble my novels. Be prepared. I don’t skimp. I only use the highest quality ingredients and maybe a few unconventional elements as well.

Let’s get started. Aprons! Aprons, everyone! Alright, we’re going to start out by pre-heating thermostats to a comfortable seventy-three degrees. This will allow you, the writer, a perfect temperature to assemble your masterpiece. Moving on, ladies!





Step One, Ideas! Be choosy when picking your idea. Ideas should be firm and ripe, no blemishes. When you find one that appears to be acceptable, examine the idea. There should be no bruises and sweet to taste. Each idea should have a believable conflict, well developed characters, and a descriptive setting but above all your idea should have spunk. It should shine like a diamond in a sea of dirt.




Step Two, plotting out your idea. Personally, I use a cork board and about five hundred post its. Occasionally, I’ll need string and pins but only for the most involved plot. You may use anything that appeals to you by the way of organization but for explanation purposes I’ll assume you use my own tried method. By the end of your plotting prep, your ‘cork board’ should be a  sea of literal yellow.

Start out by developing  your characters. Each of my characters gets their own note. On every note includes a detailed description of their role, e.g A/B character and what makes them unique, any struggles that can affect them, etc. and any enemies they may have. Then, I plot out my major plot points. Several post it notes are usually dedicated to this part of the process. Starting from the beginning, each plot point leads to the next until the book is complete. I leave spaces between these plot points for sub plots as well as chapter occurrences.

Next, subplots! Much like the major plot points, these get their own notes as well and they fit quite nicely between.

Any specific occurrences I want to happen within the chapters get their own notes as well and placed appropriately.

Step Three, Chapter configuration. Okay, here, I label my corkboard with each designated chapter. I decide what I want included in each one and separate accordingly.





Step Four, Thesaurus. Keep your thesaurus at your fingertips. Personally, I use thesaurus.com but there are a few ‘old schooler’s’ out there who prefer the tangible book. Either way, keep it handy.





Step Five, ‘The No Way Process’. Before I sit at my desk, I go through the notes with an ‘aerial view’ sort of mentality. I ask myself questions that the reader may ask. Like, ‘why don’t they just use their cell phone?’ Or, ‘No one would act like that’. Or, ‘Would I be willing to give such-and-such a second chance if they did that to me?’ Essentially, I try to make it as believable but as exciting as possible. I smooth out the wrinkles, so to speak.




Step Six, Writing. From there, I sit. I open my laptop and I take my writing from step to step. I don’t go off on tangents. I stay clear on my path and use my words to make the idea come alive!





Step Seven, Completion. The novel is complete. I am ready to edit. I edit once. Then, I edit again. Then, once more. There, I feel like I’m done. Which means I edit at least twice more. I edit…a lot. Then, off to a paid editor. Then, beta readers.





Step Eight, Fin’! You’re finished! Your incredible little story is three hundred or whatever pages and it’s sitting on your hardrive. It’s shiny and new and perfect. Tee hee! But wait! There’s still one more step! Don’t stop here! At this point, you may stand from your computer, do a ridiculous dance, embarrassing yourself and whoever else is in the room. Then, you call your fellow writers and you all cry together that it’s done. You meet said authors for martinis. You all celebrate into the wee hours of the night.

And then you do that laundry that’s been sitting neglected for weeks and has been growing into a solid monster, complete with head and fangs.

That’s it. My recipe.



I’m currently riding the high that is my ‘The 25 Day Tour of Bad Aces’! Come visit today’s host, the amazing, Patti Larsen! Thank you for hosting me, Patti! Read my post about the tour here. Also, at the end of every post on the tour is a giveaway link for a signed copy of my newest novel, Callum & Harper!









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4 thoughts on “YA Indie Carnival…Recipe For Fiction Pie

  1. Wha…? Were you saying something?

    I was distracted by all the pretty aprons. Pretty…

    I really want an apron now… and I don’t even cook. Must have useless apron.

    And….ok, I gotta ask. Just how big is your cork board? (See, I was paying attention) Because with the board and the post-its and the string, I’m imagining your office walls looking like a conspiracy theorist’s living room.

    But seriously, thanks for sharing your process. I’m loving getting an inside view into how all of you work :)

  2. mmmmmmmm… sounds delicious. Although I think my pie would melt at seventy three degrees LOL LOVE your post its and corkboard–I’m an index card girl myself–there is something so amazing about the feel of the paper, seeing the stack grow… but I can so see your board–and now I’m jealous! :) Wicked post, and a pure delight to have you on my blog today!

  3. OMG! No words for this. You are hilarious with just a dash of genius and I’m freaking laughing my butt off and am in total awe! hee-hee “Ideas! Be choosy when picking your idea. Ideas should be firm and ripe, no blemishes.” YES. Yes, they should. And the deal about the “No Way Process” love. I love doing that, arguing with my plot. Is there a 12-step program for that?

    Anyway, next time I see you I’m buying you a Martini…what’s your fave? I love vodka…can’t stand gin. And I’m partial to the Cosmo. Appletini’s make me nervous:)

    I love your aprons. Mine has kitties on it!

  4. LOL! I love the image of you with your cork board and yellow post its! You are a tactile kin -aesthetic kind a gal, just like me! It’s been really interesting to see how similar/different are approaches to plotting are. We all do the same things in our own quirky little ways. Loved reading your Cooking Show style post! :)

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