Introducing: The 25 Day Tour of Bad Aces…

This is a post for other people who…post…about books and stuff. I know. I know, I have such a way with words.

Christmas Eve this year is kind of a big deal for me…Yeah, it’s the night before Christmas and that just happens to be my favorite holiday but it’s also kind of cool because I’m releasing Callum & Harper that day.

<—- My new book. Looks good, huh? Huh??? *elbows your ribs*

I wanted to do a blog tour to promote it and all that jazz and since I have no idea what a blog tour truly entails other than granting interviews, excerpts and giveaways, I’ve decide to make it what I want it to be. Hence, the title, ‘The 25 Day Tour of Bad Aces…”

Essentially, I’m looking for twenty-five bad ace authors and/or bloggers to host me.

These are the requirements to host me, Fisher Amelie, on one of the twenty-five days: You must be a bad ace.

Are you a bad ace? You are? Then, boom, baby! You’re in!

Dude, I have an amazing group thus far but need a few more bad aces. The vacant slots are in bold. They’re bold and they’re beautiful, people.

December 1st? The Magnificent Mandy at twimom101!
December 2nd? The Pulchritudinous Patti Larsen! (That’s a promoted word on
December 3rd? As available as a six foot blonde with no ring.
December 4th? Everyone is washing their hair this day or somethin’.
December 5th? The Stupendous Shelly Crane!
December 6th? The Radiant Rachel Coles!
December 7th? The Beautiful Bree Romero!
December 8th? The Lovely Laura Elliott!
December 9th? The Charming Courtney Cole!
December 10th? Please, sir. May I ‘ave a blogga’, please?
December 11th? The Fabulous The Fairytale Nerd!
December 12th? The Magnanimous M. Leighton!
December 13th? The Striking Suzy Turner!
December 14th? The Leading Lexus Luke!
December 15th? The Tremendous Tiffany King!
December 16th? The Beautiful Bryna Butler!
December 17th?  The Chimerical C.A. Kunz!
December 18th? The Noble Nichole Chase!
December 19th? The Dynamic Dani Snell!
December 20th? The Hair-Raising Heather Self! (Sorry, Heather. Admittedly, that one was lame.)
December 21st? The Palatable P.J. Hoover! (Running out of synonyms here, people.)
December 22nd? The Alluring Amy Jones!
December 23rd? The Ambrosial Abbi Glines! (That actually fits Abbi to a T. LOL.)
December 24th? The Spectacular Cidney Swanson! (If I did a hard C there you’d think her name was Kidney. Come on, people.)

That’s it, peeps!

E-mail me at if you’re interested. I’ll include and excerpt and a giveaway link. You have the choice of either providing me with the questions or I can do my own crazy freestyle-esque interview. Your choice. Also, if you’re interested, I’m sending out ARC’s next week. If you want one, just let me know in the e-mail and I’ll send it in the mass e-mail Monday, the fifth.

*Does a little jig*

Also, free virtual egg nog to all who participate. Don’t worry, it’s spiked. We’ll all be ‘cha-cha’ing’ around my virtual living room to Harry Belafonte’s ‘Shake Senora’ in no time at all.

Catch ya’ on the flip, y’all!


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